Fall is in the floss!

… embroidery floss, that is!

I have had a full year, to say the least…. and as a result, I can’t quite believe that fall is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. The air is a bit nippy these days, but my mind seems to refuse to admit that we have barely three months left in the year…. until… I started on my new smocked bishop over the weekend:

pumpkin patch1

There is no denial any longer!!! Fall is indeed here! Hopefully, I will get this dress completed in time for our date at the Pumpkin Patch!

Thank you for stopping by! I bid you a lovely fall day. I have some quilt pictures for you in the next couple of days – stay tuned! Meanwhile, I must get back to my log cabin quilt!

9 thoughts on “Fall is in the floss!

  1. Wendy, I love the picture on your header. It is so springy and delightful. I love living in the tropical hemisphere, where we have warm days and there is always something blooming. Have a great week!

  2. Your fingers must automatically stitching by themselves otherwise you wouldn’t have had so many projects completed! I am impressed with what you have produced since I have met you – Good job and enjoy – Natima

  3. Oh Wendy – this is going to be another beauty! Your daughter is going to be the best dressed girl, by far, at the pumpkin patch. And I hear you about it being Fall – when did that happen. It’s a beautiful time with all the colors, but soon it will be so cold and snowy. That is nice too – except when I have to go out in it! LOL

  4. Your smocking is lovely and I like the colors. Can’t wait to see the photos you spoke of. And I didn’t get to comment on your blue embroidery but I like it all in blue. Those blocks will make a nice blue and white quilt.

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