Completed Smocked Bishop

You have heard me say that heirloom sewing has always been an uphill battle for me. The techniques just do not come naturally to me. Had I not had my great friend Annelle, I would have given up a long time ago. So any dresses I complete is a testament to the kind patience Annelle has shown me in guiding me in my heirloom sewing journey. All that said, my bishop is completed!

williamsburg smocking7

williamsburg smocking8

The fabric is so heavy that I had to use button thread to sew down the neck binding. The button thread felt like a miniature rope! But it should do its job in holding down the neck band:

williamsburg smocking9

I had to re-familiarize myself with doing a blind hem. It was about 2am when I got the hem done, and the dress pressed! It’s a good feeling.

williamsburg smocking10

Now, onto the next smocked bishop!  I hope to get some stitching done this weekend to show you.  I wish you a LOVELY weekend!

12 thoughts on “Completed Smocked Bishop

  1. Maybe that is why the call it Heirloom sewing. It is a lot of work and it turned out beautiful, an heirloom for sure! Good for you for sticking with it and completing it and I am glad you have such a nice friend to help you with it.

  2. That dress is so beautiful. You did such a lovely job on it and I bet your daughter is going to look stunning! The things that you make astound me! So many pretty, pretty things.

  3. Absolutely lovely! I trust you made matching underpants so your baby girl doesn’t have to show her diapered bottom. Knowing you, I’m sure you thought of every last detail. The precision of your work is impressive. Congratulations on having finished this exquisite bishop gown.

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