A little gift from the heart

I was running behind, as always! But I was more than happy to take a few hours out to work on a birthday gift for my little friend:

Jessica pillow1

She is not merely the daughter of one of my closest friends; she is my little friend. Growing up, I recall being a young person of barely ten years of age and had many OLD people (in their twenties) befriending me at church. So, over the years, I have made sure to include in my circle little friends as well.

jessica pillow2

The design is from OESD’s Alpha Bears. I have use this collection a whole lot as you can see from the quilt on which the pillow lays.

jessica pillow3

This little gift from the heart, though simple and unpretentious, was made with many sweet thoughts of and prayers for my little friend!

jessica pillow4

Thank you for coming by to visit! I wish you a sweet sweet day.

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