Sweet Log Cabin

I have been making these log cabin blocks with some sweet fabrics!  They are from RJR’s Sweet Pea Collection.

Sweet Pea1

This is a log cabin quilt with a slight twist (stay tuned).  It is scheduled for the March 2010 issue of “The Quilter”.

Sweet Pea2

I am pleased that the piecing seems to be going much faster than I had anticipated.  But again, I am not making 459 of them… so, it’s not a knocked down dragged out process.  But I do need to get busy here.  I will have more pictures to show later!

Sweet Pea3

Happy Sewing/Quilting/Homemaking, Everyone!  Have a blessed day!!

9 thoughts on “Sweet Log Cabin

  1. Log Cabin is my favorite quilt block pattern! What a lovely new twist you have put on it with your sweet floral patterned fabrics! Can’t wait to see what the whole quilt will look like!

  2. Pretty fabrics. It does look as though it will be a bit different from the usual log cabin. I like to make log cabins, they do go rather quickly. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

  3. I just love coming over to your blog and seeing what you’ve got going next. You have such a wonderful eye for color with your quilts that it makes me smile every time I see them.

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