Cottage Garden in THE QUILTER (November 2009)

Hello Everyone, I hope all is well with you. I want to thank you for your kind words on my Apple Quilt.

Besides my Apple Quilt, I also have my other quilts sent back to me from the editor of “The Quilter”. I am showing you the “Cottage Garden” that is in the current issue (November 2009) of The Quilter:

Cottage Garden1

I remember really enjoying making this quilt because it was designed to be a rather quick project. I was under a gruesome deadline in that I had to finish the quilt in less than a week. Now that the deadline is behind me, and the quilt is published, I can think back on the time I was making it with much satisfaction!

Cottage Garden2

I remember vividly that I was having to stay up late many a night, and corresponding with Cathi by email helped me stayed up late at night. We became not only quilting buddies, but also stitching buddies. I can’t help but smile now because that was the time we just discovered the treasure trove of free stitching patterns on the internet. We would shoot each other emails with links to find those wonderful charts! Cathi is a hand quilter — her hand work is amazing. You have got to look at the blocks she pieces by hand! The back of her blocks are as pretty as the front of her blocks. Thanks, Cathi – for keeping me awake while I was working on Cottage Garden! :)

Cottage Garden3

As always, my quilting is rarely marked. With the number of deadlines I have, it’s just easier to quilt my magazine quilts free-hand:

Cottage Garden4

Victorian Courtship9

I also quilted on the applique pieces:

Victorian Courtship6

Victorian Courtship8

Thank you for stopping by! You have encouraged me with your kind words. I dedicate this blog post to all of my bloggy friends!

Have a blessed day, and if you happen to spend the day in your garden, I wish you a cottage-y garden day!

p.s. You may visit Heartbeat Quilts for the quilt kit.

34 thoughts on “Cottage Garden in THE QUILTER (November 2009)

  1. Another beautiful quilt Wendy. I can’t believe that you finished that in a week. Looks like I need to purchase this issue too! I love the colors and how it’s quilted. Stunning!

  2. Love your color choices and the pattern is beautiful. You are a great quilter. And to be in the magizine is wonderful. I know when one was a model stitcher and had a piece in a book I was very very proud.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  3. Hi there, Just popped over from Susan’s-A Life of Grace and I’m glad I did. I’m a quilter, love to hand quilt but haven’t yet mastered applique. I love the colors on this quilt and look forward to visiting often.

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  5. Simply Stunning quilting.
    Thanks for coming by my blog. You can find magic sizing at Walmart in the laundry detergent section. Most grocery stores carry it too. It comes in a blue can.

  6. Wow! Your quilt is so beautiful! I love the colors you chose. Thank you for stopping by at my blog. About the felt food, they are all my original, and I am thinking about making patterns for my etsy store.

  7. This is such a beautiful quilt. I find it amazing that you managed to make it in a week. You must be very fast and dedicated, or having a deadline helped.

  8. Wendy~
    As a fellow quilter, my hat is off to you for having the courage to go right into the applique and do some fantastic threadwork! I am always a little shy but will take a page from your blog and give it a try!! Your quilt and quilting are top notch!!

  9. Miss Wendy, this quilt is absolutely spectacular. Thank you for the close up shots, your stitching is amazing. The center reminds me of a Hawaiian-style quilt. Stunning!

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