Scoring brownie points with a baby

I hardly ever practice without making something. I love to just jump into a project, even if it is for practice purposes. I have been wanting to start a quilt involving some stitchery. To get ready for that endeavor, I made a little stuffed doll for baby. A win-win situation! I get to practice a little on my stitches and find out what stitch lengths work for me, and I get to score some brownie points with baby by giving her a new toy:


I “super-sized” my French knots on the doll’s gown so that they would provide exploring pleasures for baby:


I also added a jingle bell in the stuffing so that the doll also doubles as a rattle:


All in all, it was a fast and fun little project. The pattern can be downloaded here.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have enjoyed your little visit. Have a jingly day!

12 thoughts on “Scoring brownie points with a baby

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