Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 14

Yup, the neighborhood has experienced the effects of the housing slump! It’s been a while since I did an update, but here is the latest:


Compared to the last update, you will noticed that I finally mastered my ABC’s:


I happened to like this “Christmas House” a lot as red and green are my Christmas colors.  I think the mistress of this house keeps her Christmas decorations up ALL YEAR LONG!


And this new house certainly reminds me of a layered cake!


I had hunkered down and made myself work a little on the Sampler Gameboard because I am SO want to start on “The American Sampler”. “The American Sampler” chart was published in Spring 1992, and will be republished Spring next year. I am going to be good – I will wait till I am finished with Gameboard before jumping into “The American Sampler”…

American Sampler

I will be good! I will be good! I will be good….

17 thoughts on “Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 14

  1. I love that Gameboard. But what a big project. And I’ll be joining you on the American Sampler. Just have to get some more of Ann Medd out of the way, and I’ll be there with you!!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Your gameboard is coming along nicely. Are you lucky enough to have the American Sampler chart from the 1992 magazine? It is gorgeous.
    I’m sure you will have your gameboard framed before I do!!
    Have a great week.

  3. Wow, that’s really nice! Well done and keep going. I just noticed that the above comments were all done in the wee hours of the morning? Don’t you people sleep in the USA LOL!!!

  4. Wendy, I don’t think you ever sleep! lol The gameboard is wonderful, and the American Sampler will be gorgeous!
    What magazine was it in? I still have a lot of my old magazines from my cross-stitching days.

  5. Wendy, couldn’t find your email, but wanted to answer your comment on my blog!

    First I think we should work on the American Sampler!!! I think it would be fun to have a “partner in crime” for all those Queen Stitches.

    And as far as Ann Medd, the pattern is available through the Scarlett Letter (they have a website). Just be aware – Ann is huge – very huge, but a very easy stitch!!! Can I entice you to do that one too???

  6. Hi Wendy,
    How are you today. Your game board looks lovely. Not long to go know.
    Looks as if you have a partner in crime with the American Sampler.
    Did you enjoy reading Jane. What a wonderful book this is P&P I mean. I will have to look for the other one. My DIL is a huge JA fan. – Sandra.

  7. Hi Wendy, I saw your comment on Deb’s blog about American Sampler and I am biting at the bit to start too…you know…despite not having any supplies for it other than the mag. I think this will be my challenge for 2010. I’ll be gifting myself with the silk next month…I think. Perhaps a group of us can SAL together!?

  8. I love the Gameboard you are doing a wonderful job on it too.
    I remember seeing the sampler the first time around but wasn’t into samplers then but maybe this time I will have to see about getting a copy.
    Of course I will keep checking to see how you come along with it when you start.

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