Confession of a dishaholic (part 4)

If you let a dish-aholic start collecting a set of blue and white dishes,

Confession #1: She will have to have other blue and white dishes to go with those she started out, and sink her love deeper and deeper and yet even deeper in the blue and white pile of dishes there are out there…

Confession #2: Then, she will think she needs to start collections of other dishes to balance out the blue/white monopoly in her cupboards…

Confession #3: Then, she will want to collect pieces for her silverware chest, piece by piece…

Confession #4: Then, she will have to have serving pieces to go with her silver ware…

platters (what a surprise, she would have blue/white transferware platters!)


passover platter



gravy boats


— pitchers and other tea-related thingamagigs!




— chargers



— bowls (big bowls, small bowls, shaped bowls, leaf bowls!)



Spode Italian5


— and of course, pyrex and pie-PALS!



— and this!


If you are inflicted with the same weakness as I am, I would love to know what serving pieces in your stash you use the most!

Thank you for stopping by and humoring me while I confess. I hope you have a fun-filled day!

10 thoughts on “Confession of a dishaholic (part 4)

  1. Well you know I’m afflicted! :0) Beautiful pieces Wendy. I use my white platters a lot. When I have parties it seems like every serving dish comes out :0)

  2. Use them? You mean we are supposed to use them?? I thought we just collected them. I love your dishes plus everything else. I’d love to sit at your table for tea :-)

  3. Your post cracked me up. I’m the same way with china and pottery. First I collected blue ware, then I got into red transferware because I got some pieces from my grandmother (and they needed some more friends). Then I got into the flower frogs (because you can’t just have one). Funny thing is that I just display everything and don’t really use the dishes. Love your addictions though.

  4. You must have more fun setting the table with all those beautiful choices!!
    Why, oh why, do I keep seeing either quilt or embroidery patterns in the china patterns!??

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