Precious Baby Steps

The baby birth quilt was shipped out last week to the editor. If all things go well, it should appear in the April 2010 issue of “Quilter’s World”. Here are a couple of sneak peeks:

baby steps1

baby steps2

It was not easy stamping a 7-month old’s footprints on the quilt top. At first, the baby was really curious. But curiosity eventually killed the patience toward the end of this mad scheme of getting a 7-month old baby to cooperate in stamping her footprints on a magazine quilt top that really has very little room to mess up. But I think we all survived!

8 thoughts on “Precious Baby Steps

  1. Oh, how precious, Wendy! I bet that was a hard one to send off, with little miss’s footprints! (and all the hard work to get them there!) I wonder how much of a change in size when the quilt returns? (It does return, doesn’t it?) :~O

  2. That is a unique way of quilting!!! You did well to get the baby prints on the quilt very precisely. Is the color fast and can you wash the quilt afterward? Well done – Hugs Natima

  3. Wow — the footprints are such a great touch! What ink did you find to use?
    I too hope you get that quilt back — what a wonderful keepsake for your daughter!

  4. ha,ha, I can just see this picture. I remember when I tried to do baby foot prints in our baby book. Whoa, it did not last long! Looking forward to seeing your quilt. I happen to subscribe to Quilters World ;-)

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