Mary Wigham: Part 9


Cathi noted that we might have to go back to remedial counting classes to help us minimize our most frustrating UN-stitching adventures detours in our needlework projects. The thought is rather humbling (and somewhat disturbing) to me because in my mind, I didn’t need to re-take any remedial Math courses. In my other life, I had tackled Advanced Differential Equations! That aside, Cathi’s suggestion was taken to heart. I broke out these books to brush up on my counting:


You can see here I went the extra mile in my counting review to make sure I can count beyond 10 without much difficulty:

Equipped with my re-acquainted counting skills, I went back to stitching my Mary, and you can see the progress. Those remedial counting classes really helped! I didn’t have to un-stitch as much. Cathi was right, I did need to go back to taking remedial counting class:


Those half-urns really “spoke” to me. I love love love classic-looking urns, and stitching the motifs with urns was most enjoyable to me:



Now, how about some REAL ornamental urns for your viewing enjoyment?



Thanks for popping by. Happy Day, and Happy Stitching to you! Just a suggestion, if the misfortune of having to un-stitch befalls you, you might just need to stop and take some remedial counting classes. They really worked for me, and they might for you too! :) Thank you, Cathi!

6 thoughts on “Mary Wigham: Part 9

  1. LOL!! Whatever it takes to get those stitches right! They don’t call it COUNTED Cross Stitch for nothing!

    Mary’s looking so fine.

  2. Thanks for the advise. I have a sampler cross stitch that I started years ago, that went awry :-( I just put it aside, but I would love to go back and see if I can figure out where I messed up.

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