Confession of a dishaholic (part 2)

If you let a dish-aholic start collecting a set of blue and white dishes,

Confession #1: She will have to have other blue and white dishes to go with those she started out, and sink her love deeper and deeper and yet even deeper in the blue and white pile of dishes there are out there…

Confession #2: Then, she will think she needs to start collections of  other dishes to balance out the blue/white monopoly in her cupboards…



Thanksgiving Corner2

(to suit the different seasons, don’t you know?) :)



Christmas Tablescape2

Thank you for visiting.  I would love to hear from you if you are suffering from the aforementioned symptoms! :)  Have a great Friday, everyone.  I will see you next week!

10 thoughts on “Confession of a dishaholic (part 2)

  1. Oh my! I am in heaven. What wonderous dishes. Yes I have it, and it’s pretty bad. If we had room, I could really be in deep trouble. Makes me weak in the knees…….

  2. How lovely! Can you come for a visit and play with my dishes…I have the same weakness, but my settings never look as creative as yours! Thank you for the inspiration…

  3. I am just so thrilled you are able to confess you have this wonderful disease! :) Some refuse to admit it! But you have and you’ve entered into a realm where there is no turning back! I’m proud of you!
    From one dishaholic to another! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. No, I am not suffering. I enjoy looking at yours collection and totally understand where you are coming from LOL! Enjoy them and have a great weekend. Hugs Natima

  5. I SERIOUSLY want some dishes for the fall. A whole set – not just the filler pieces that I use with my white. I love yours! And the pink set – love them!!

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