Another LOVELY package!

Gabriela is a remarkable lady whom I have enjoyed knowing. I have often admired Gabriela’s handmade cards. To be right honest, I was a bit envious of those who had the privilege to be the recipients of her cards… but envious I am NO MORE! I am now a proud recipient of one of Gabriela’s handmade pretties!!!


Get a load of the details on the front of the card – so much work, so much effort, so many personal touches:


It is actually a tri-fold card!!!


This card is just down right SWEET, as is the card maker!


Gabriela also sent me these precious labels for my smocked outfits:


Thank you, Gabriela! Now, if you have not been to Gabriela’s blog, you have run on over there to see her lovely creations. They will bring a smile to your face – I promise.

7 thoughts on “Another LOVELY package!

  1. Oh Wendy, I’d never known you to exaggerate so! and this is no time to start! It was my pleasure to share these with you, a most deserving soul. Thank you for your sweet – yet undeserved words of praise. Your photos are spectacular.

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