Bloom Wherever You Are – “Sneak Peek”

I had the greatest time making the double tulip blocks using the “Always in Bloom” fabrics by RJR:

always in bloom4

I was a little bit surprised, but not in a bad way, at the “abstract” look contributed by the green as well as the white/multi-color confetti fabrics. I think the green confetti fabric really adds interest to the tulip “leaves”:

always in bloom5

I actually get to use a silk batting (YES, SILK!!) for this quilt. I will let you know how I like it. I have never quilted with a silk batt before, so I am looking forward to using it.  As always, the quilt will be shown in its entirety when it is officially featured in The Quilter‘s January issue.  The magazine is hitting the newsstands in November this year.

Thank you again for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed your little visit.

8 thoughts on “Bloom Wherever You Are – “Sneak Peek”

  1. Those fabrics are fabulous — perfect for tulips! I’ve used a silk batt now twice and love it. It’s fabulous for hand quilting and makes for a very soft drape – and lovely warmth!

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