Definition of a good mail day!

I had a lovely lovely mail day – the kind of mail day that makes me feel like it’s Christmas!! I received my goodies from Michele for winning a giveaway she was hosting last week. I also received “Embroidered in White” book from England!

mail day

Michele sent me a bar of homemade “chocolate” soap that looks yummy enough to eat. She probably knew that I would attempt to consume the chocolate soap bar and felt sorry for me. So, she included some real chocolate squares. She somehow had known that I savor a good cup of tea from time to time, and thus the tea she has also sent along… THANKS, Michele for being blessing to me. I hope you would visit Michele – she is a devoted Mom, and is known to have a impressive sewing talent! She whips things up without patterns – to me, that’s just so unbelievable!

mail day2

I will show you more about the book “Embroidered in White” once I have had a chance to go through it more thoroughly. From what I have seen so far, it is definitely a winner!

To top off the day, Natima awarded me this:


Natima is a quilter in Australia, and has quickly endeared herself to me. She said some really nice things about me on her blog which I am not quite sure I deserve. But I do appreciate her kindness. Natima and I share a Southeast Asia origin, and so I think there’s a special bond there.

It’s quite wonderful out there in blogland, isn’t it? I wish all my bloggy friends a lovely weekend. Now, tell me what do you consider to be a good mail day…?

10 thoughts on “Definition of a good mail day!

  1. I think that you definitely had a good mail day. The book looks so interesting!! And chocolate – could there ever be anything wrong with chocolate! Great package. I think a great mail day is anytime I get something stitchy delivered to me. Have a great weekend.

  2. You deserved a good mail day and deserved the friendship award too my friend. My good mail day the day I received my birthday presents from the USA and UAE from two of my friends we exchange presents in the last 10 years. Enjoy your goodies. The Embroidery book look interesting.

  3. Hi Wendy!

    Sorry I’m so slow at commenting (big changes around here the last two weeks)! I’m so glad you enjoyed the package! It’s a real pleasure to send them to such a sweet friend. (But I’m afraid you are too generous in your estimation of my sewing abilities :) )

    That book does look very intriguing ~ I love both embroidery and white! And I know you earned that award ~ congratulations!

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