Tablecapes of Christmases past

tablescape thursday

Hello everyone, can you believe it’s Thursday,  and that July is already almost over? That means Christmas is swiftly approaching, and that goose had better be getting fat. :) I am showing for this week’s Tablescapes some Christmas tablesettings I have done in the past.

Christmas Tablescape3

christmas tablescape04

My Christmas pieces are still quite limited. I only started my Spode Christmas Rose collection a few years ago, and have been rather slow in adding to my collection. But it is still very fun to try to come up with different ways to set the table with my limited number of pieces.  Though there are a lot of color choices out there for Christmas nowadays, mine doesn’t ever veer too far from the traditional red and green:

Christmas Quilt1

Here you see that my Christmas ornaments are limited to just the tree:

christmas tablescape1

Christmas Tablescape2

christmas tablescape5

Of course, a nice placecard holder with placecard always makes my guests feel special:


Last year, I added chocolate bars as a tablescape favor for my guests:

christmas tablescape6

Centerpieces I have used on the table:

Christmas Tablescape4

heavenly bamboo2


A Christmas Tea and Punch:



I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas snippets today!  Thank you for stopping by.  I always enjoyed your visit.  Please be sure to leave a comment so that I can visit or write you back.  BLESSINGS!

17 thoughts on “Tablecapes of Christmases past

  1. Oh girl Christmas is just around the corner!? :0)
    I enjoyed your tables from Christmas past :0)
    Hope your week is going well. I’m melting….

  2. Beautiful table! Love the snowmen!!
    As usual, I will have my head in the sand about Christmas till mid-October. I seem to refuse to believe Christmas is coming until we have to turn the heat on! :-)

  3. Beautiful tablescapes. I love snowmen, so enjoyed that one! Thank you for sharing them all!

    (I was thinking just today that I can’t believe that July is almost over!)

  4. I do love your Christmas table setting. I like your Christmas dishes they are classically beautiful. I love Christmas season merely for the decoration and show off my quilts. This Christmas will be my first Christmas on the blog. Looking forward to showing off my decorations.

  5. hi there!
    you always put every drop of creative juice in your body into building a wonderfull and beautifull table arrangement. I sure want to see what you will come up with this year when Christmas arrives!

    hugs from the Netherlands
    Winda aka DutchQ

  6. These are just great. I was in Hobby Lobby about an hour ago and they have boxes all over the store full of Christmas decor…and it;s so HOT outside… will be here before we know it.

  7. This was great and it really put me in the mood for Christmas! Really cute decorations and I love, love, love the silver set!
    All the best,

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