A dishaholic’s dress-up party!

tablescape thursday

blue monday

My tablescape this week is a “pretend” one using pieces that are normally eye candies and aren’t used at the table.  But that certainly does not mean these pieces can’t appear on the table for a “dress-up” party, does it?  So, here it is, with the trinket trays doubling as individual salad bowl, and bread plate respectively.  You will also notice that a framed picture is used as a charger for the place setting:



The bouquet motif is based on an 18th century Chinese export bowl.  There are over thirty colors in the motif.  Think of the different metal oxides used to produce the exuberant colors:


The border is the famous Fitzhugh border, which also appeared in the Order of the Cincinnati, service of Martha and George Washington:


Among those who are invited to the “dress-up party for dishes” are – some crystal stemware, an antique cobalt/silver salt cellar, a pair of Italian brass birds, and an Italian brass candelabra:





Thank you for popping by my “dress-up party for dishes”!  I hope you have enjoyed my pretend tablesetting.  Have a lovely day!


25 thoughts on “A dishaholic’s dress-up party!

  1. Very pretty! Your table settings are making me want to get out the hand-painted bowls done by a great-aunt! I may just have to figure out how to showcase them!

  2. You have beautiful dishes. Of course I am looking through them to the quilt on the table. Beautiful quilt there too and I can’t remember if I have seen it in full? Lovely and thank you for sharing. Natima

  3. Oh goodness, do I spy a quilt on the table!!! Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE quilts. And they get me from the get-go! Pretty dress up. (Hey, we’re all playing dishes, ya know?) This is very pretty. Get these pretties out and show them off! Loved seeing them!

  4. It’s fun to pretend isn’t it!!!! Who says you can’t use a picture frame for a charger? Love how your mind works… Nice scape…The brass chandelier is fabulous.. Stop by and see what I did to my Brass chandelier lamp, just scroll down a little from the tablescape, Nice to meet you, don’t think I’ve been here before, xoxo~Kathy @ “Sweet Up-North Mornings…

  5. Howdy
    Happy Blue Monday.
    Thank you for the wonderful invitation today.
    I had such a delightful time.
    The dishes were simply divine and the table set for a Queen.
    You really are very imaginative and creative .
    What a great combination for a hostess.
    Thank you again for sharing.
    The photos are just fabulous .
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    Happy Trails

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