Journals of blue

blue monday

Hello Friends!  I hope you  had a wonderful weekend.  My Blue Monday post this week is about my journals of blue that I am currently keeping.  Both are Italian Florentine leather journals:

blue journal1

blue journals2

I have been journaling on and off since I was around 15 years old.  Over the years, I have filled quite a few journals (or diaries as we call it in British English).  I keep different journals – one for miscellaneous and personal thoughts, one  for a special family member, one for inspirational thoughts, and I hope to start one for my crafty pursuits:

blue journals4

I do not claim to be as faithful as I should be in keeping my diaries current, but I am inspired by the examples of these American heroes —

1.  George Washington — the venerable General kept a diary EVERYDAY since his first surveying trip till the day before his death!  You may read more about it here.

2.  John Quincy Adams — the statesman who provided glimpses of early America, especially that of the government, through his thorough recording of events in his journals.

3.  Thomas Jefferson kept a daily journal for fifty years.  He kept accurate record of his gardening and of the weather.

To me, journaling is not only an exercise of discipline.  It is also an act of preserving our experiences for the future generations, thus an heirloomy exercise!

Thanks for popping by!  I hope you get off a stupendous start to a new week!

p.s. Oh, look!  An entry in blue ink:

blue journals3

12 thoughts on “Journals of blue

  1. Nice looking journal Wendy. Your hand writing is beautiful, not too many people write by hand anymore that including me, I must say! Have a great Monday

  2. Very nice. I like them both and of course I noticed the tea cup and saucer too :0)
    Your handwriting is so neat and pretty!!

  3. I like that blue cup, blue journal & Blue book my daughter has a pink one:). You have nice handwriting.
    Nice post.
    (Blue link, sorry for the first one)

  4. Oh, Wendy! This is sooooo beautiful. How wonderful to keep a journal of your creative & inspiring thoughts and projects. You are so right — an heirloomy excercise of beauty!

  5. It’s such a great idea to journal and to allow generations after you to experience your life through your written words. If only I had the energy to do the same.

  6. What a lovely idea! I’m so proud of you for doing this, and look how pretty the journals are! I am particularly fond of the turquoisey/blue one.

    Thanks for sharing that historical information with us, too, and I love the fact that you have scripture in your journal. I love the Psalms, too.

    Happy Blue Monday…


    Sheila :-)

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