Thyme is a-creeping!

I have quilt deadlines to meet. I have samplers to stitch. I really need to work on some smocked dresses. I have a house to clean with knick knacks to dust. I have a pile of correspondence I need to attend to. I have desserts to make to sweeten up my husband. I have…. I have…. I have…. my to-do list is never a short list. And where is the time I need to get all these things done? I say all that to set the stage for my creeping thyme that is finally blooming!

creeping thyme2

It is a wonderful groundcover that requires minimal care, and their little blossoms are just darling. Not to mention the subtle reminder to me that time doesn’t wait for me to get things done. I have to make time for those things I mentioned I have to do.

creeping thyme3

Thanks for popping by, everyone. I wish you a productive day. My big thing today is to get all my “Victorian Courtship” fabrics cut and ready to go! Will have pictures for you later!

8 thoughts on “Thyme is a-creeping!

  1. Oh, that was a hilarious start to your post! I thought at first, it was going to be a very serious explaination of time you did not have. It was delightfully imaginative!
    So glad you took the “thyme” to share with us!

  2. I just love your creeping thyme! One of my very favorite herbs, and such a fine analogy to “time”. =) Just remember, we only need to do what is on God’s to-do list for us specifically ~ nothing else! Isn’t that a relief? (Although, those desserts to sweeten up your hubby sound like a priority ~ hee hee.)

  3. Don’t stress yourself out though – that doesn’t make for a good mother or wife either! (from personal experience doing it the wrong way) Sometimes you gotta cut your to-do list a bit… there’s a time for everything, but it’s not all right now :)

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