Cream Soup for One Tablescape

tablescape thursday

I set a cream soup tray for one since I was dining by myself:

jude tablescape1

jude tablescape2

I absolutely loved the shape of the cream soup bowl.  The handles make me want to sit up a little straighter and mind my table manners a little better.  Here, the cream soup bowl is sitting on a cream soup stand, which in turn sits on a salad plate, which in turn sits on a silverplate filigree tea tray for a layered effect:

jude tablescape3

Of course, with a pattern like Lady Carlyle that exudes the beauty of an English garden, we have to have some kind of rose accent!  I am sorry I only have blossoms from my one and only Jude rose bush to impress myself and you.  It would have been nice to have a St. Cecelia, or Queen of Sweded to match that cupped rose in the center of the soup bowl.  But for now, my Jude would have to do:

jude tablescape4

jude tablescape5

jude tablescape6

Some accessories to go with the tablescape – a Florentine glass goblet, Lady Carlyle salt and pepper shakers, and Lady Carlyle napkin.  I had bought the Lady Carlyle fabric in my pre-quilting days.  Now, I wish I had bought more of the fabric to make a quilt:

jude tablescape7

jude tablescape8

jude tablescape9

Of course, when I eat alone, I have to have something to read… in this rosy setting, what can be more apt than the David Austin rose catalog?

jude tablescape 10

Just to set the record straight, I rarely set the table when I eat alone (or Vicki would surely prohibit me from ever joining her Craft Week, hehe.  I am just giving Vicki a hard time).  But once in a blue moon when the mood strikes…. I do indulge and make myself feel extra-special by setting the table just for ME!

Thank you for stopping by.  I wish you a wonderful day!

21 thoughts on “Cream Soup for One Tablescape

  1. I’ve said before that I really enjoy this Royal Albert pattern! So pretty. The cream soup bowls are fabulous!! Beautiful tray that calling to me. Your Jude the Obscure really adds a wonderful touch!!

  2. I love that you used Jude! One would expect you to use a “matching” rose but Jude’s color is a surprize and brings out the gold in the place setting! I think it is enchanting! One certainly wouldn’t mind dining alone with a place set like this!

  3. ROFLOL!
    You sure know how to set a beautiful table! Some day I am going to surprise you and set the table with one of my FIVE sets of china! Yes, I have five sets of china.

  4. I couldn’t imagine a prettier table for one! I love Lady Carlyle, I purchased my set about 15 years ago. Since I had to downsize it’s been packed away. Your lovely setting makes me want to tear all the boxes open and set them all out!

    The rose is beautiful and I love your silver tray!

    Thank you for sharing


  5. Well, you can set a table for me any day! This is so pretty. I absolutely adore those dishes and pink isn’t even my color. I’m so enamored of the little flowers on the bottom of the inside. How sweet! Great job!

  6. This is absolutely LOVELY…LUSCIOUS…STUNNING…
    What a beautiful dish pattern. I just love it !
    This is just so inspiring…now I want to make hubby and myself a pretty tray for dinner tonight. Hmmm…I have some pretty dishes but….nothing cooked. Uh Oh…better get busy in the kitchen..
    Thanks for sharing…

  7. wow!!!!!!!!! Those dishes are beautiful!!!! And the roses with them are the perfect touch!!!! Thanks for showing us!

  8. Very beautiful presentation. Lady Carlyle does make you want to sit up and mind your manners! Thank you for sharing this lovely tablescape for one! Huggy Hugs!

  9. Hi Wendy
    What a beautiful table setting. I love the china and the roses add the finishing touch!
    Hope you are ebjoying the weekend.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

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