Beauty Unraveling

My Jude is reveling in the cool early June weather we have had. I happened to stumble upon a few rose blossoms that were in the process of stretching their petals and unraveling their beauty:

Jude 15


Pretty soon, my Jude will not enjoy the warmer weather that keeps on getting warmer as much. The blooms will be smaller, and won’t look as perky. So, I am glad I was able to capture the shots I just showed you.


I hope your day goes well for you. I should have some quilting pictures to show you tomorrow. Meanwhile, today is the last day for you to help me name this quilt. These are what I have so far to give away to the one who came up with the “winning”name. I am sure I will have a couple more things to add to the stash:


5 thoughts on “Beauty Unraveling

  1. Your roses are gorgeous, I love them.
    I have a question to ask you Wendy? When you leave comments on my blogs I always reply to them. Do you get to read them because your email address says NOREPLY so I just wander if you ever get my replies? Sorry I have to leave my message on here! Have a great Tuesday

  2. Hi :)
    I am not sure where to start .
    The blooms,the fragrance,the blocks,the stitches ,
    oh my so many choices !
    Suffice it to say I am in awe of it all !
    Thank you for sharing so many gorgeous photos.
    Blessings of joy to you .

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