Chomping at the bit

You know I am crazy about history, especially history related to millinery. I am chomping at the bit to start on the Mary Wigham Stitch Along by Needleprint. The Mary Wigham sampler was wrought in 1790 by Mary Wingham of Ackworth School:


This Stitch Along project has generated much much much interest around the world. I have the chart. I have the floss. Now, I am just waiting for the linen to come in the mail! I will have pictures for you later. But for now, I need to work on my quilt so that I can get it out later this week — that way, I will have some play (stitching) time!

I will catch up with you later.

5 thoughts on “Chomping at the bit

  1. Wendy, this project looks really interesting ~ a fantastic way to experience history! Along similar lines, a recent project in a quilting magazine caught my eye ~ it’s a ‘study of vintage fabrics’. Funny how we quilters have a dozen projects always planned ahead! He he!
    Happy sewing!

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