A cheerful pillow!

I don’t know why it took me so long to complete this pillow project that’s supposed to be simple and quick!!!


I finally hunkered down and made the pillow form myself instead of buying one at the store. And, voila – the pillow is completely completed – ready to be given to a friend for her belated birthday gift!



I really like the cheerful colors. Plus, being able to finish a “Work-in-Progress” project always makes me feel CHEERFUL for the weekend. Therefore, I also want to wish you lots of cheer this weekend! I will see you next week.


9 thoughts on “A cheerful pillow!

  1. The pillow is beautiful. I like the bright and cheeful colors in it. Is that machine embroidery or hand? Trust you to do it by hand!!! A weekend already? I don’t know where the time goes this week? You have a nice weekend yourself and thanks for always sharing. Just saw your email coming. Go to read it now – Natima

  2. Oh now this is beyond just pretty! This pillow is wonderful! It’s gorgeous and lovely and so very vintage all at once. It’s cozy, and yummy, and comforting. I adore the variety of heirloom looking fabrics, particularly the polka dots, but that embroidery is breath taking!

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