First Blooms

I showed you my Jude the Obscure “bud-dies” a couple of weeks ago:


This week, many of the buddies have turned into full-fledged blossoms. I am prodigiously excited:

first blooms1
first blooms2

first blooms3

first blooms4

Since I only have this one English Rose bush, I left most of the blooms on the bush except for a few for a friend later today:

first blooms5

The blooms are fragrant. Somehow the fragrance is more subtle than heady, as compared to last year (maybe we’ve been getting too much rain? I don’t know). But combined with the fragrance of these Cath Kidston bath melts my cousin has gifted me, the smell is simply…. heavenly!

first blooms6
first blooms7

first blooms8

As always, thank you for stopping by.  I know many of you are getting ready for the weekend.  I wish you a meaningful Memorial Day weekend.

7 thoughts on “First Blooms

  1. Wendy, your roses are beautiful. I can almost smell them through my monitor!!! Lovely, I love roses too, but we are getting into winter here so only Autumn color leaves to see in the garden at the moment. You have a nice weekend too.

  2. Aw! So pretty! I think your Jude is just gorgeous! You’re doing a great job. I love the way you’re presenting the bath melts, they do look yummier like that. As for the question you asked me in my blog, I think you must be meaning “Your Jude is “not” as full…..” Well, I haven’t really followed up my fertilization regime recently due to busy-ness with other things. Don’t worry, I think the blooms do get fuller as the plant gets older. Often they say the first two years are just establishing years and sometimes not so many flowers, so yours is doing fantastically coz it’s flowering like crazy already.

  3. The dictionary says “obscure, Not much known or observed; retired; remote from observation.” I think Jude was misnamed! I think he is delightful and I would “observe” him alot! I so love English roses!

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