Free-motion quilting is like…

… doodling on a piece of paper, except it’s on fabric. You can go wherever your creativity fancies to take you. You can doodle and keep doodling on a particular design:




Or, if you run out of design of your own to doodle, you can doodle on an obvious design printed on the fabric that is right before your eyes:


EXCEPT, with free-motion quilting, it is not so easy to un-doodle because that involves much patience in taking out stitches. So, the trick in successful doodling on quilts is to think and plan ahead and while you are doodling.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the pictures of this Christmas Quilt using Once Upon a Christmas fabrics by Benartex. As always, pictures of the whole quilt will be revealed when the quilt is officially published. This one is coming out in the December issue of “Quilter’s World“.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Doodling! :)

10 thoughts on “Free-motion quilting is like…

  1. oh girl, you can doodle on my quilts anytime!

    does that sound kincky? nah you know what I mean, I have been one of your fans ever since I first saw your “doodles” on your blog…

    but honnest, you can doodle on my quilts anytime!

    hugs from the Netherlands
    Winda aka DutchQ aka (*ΓΌ*)

  2. Hello! I have had the opportunity to visit some more of your posts and just marvel at the things you have created. You are such a talented quilter and the pictures are beautiful!
    Kindly, ldh

  3. I love doing little freehand doodles like this with my longarm, but the fact that you do them, and do them soooo well, with a DSM, just blows me away. That is not easy to do! Well done, Wendy!

  4. Just beautiful doodles. You stitches are so even you must be so good on that machine of yours. Thanks for some tips on doodling. I can only do free motion for mixed media, nothing like yours.

  5. Your free-motion stitching is so beautiful – I wish I could understand how it’s done. Your stitches appear to be fluid and I wonder if it’s they manner your hands push the fabric through under the needle that creates such beauty. To me it’s mind-boggling.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you come back to see it. You have a wonderful blog, and you are very talented indeed. I love free motion quilting too, and it is like drawing on fabric. You did a lovely job! Glad that you liked my interview on my work place. I enjoyed doing it, as I love Nat.

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