Quilt your own SWEETHEART SWAG and more

Have you gotten the newest Quilting Motif Volume by Quiltmaker?


I have all seven volumes, and I think the 7th volume might be my favorite, mainly because it features many motif with an allover design option:


The center quilt motif I had designed for Ivory Spring, published in “Quilting and Embroidery” by Quiltmaker, is included in the current volume on page 86:




With options for variations…


I hope my sweetheart swag quilt motif sweetens your day!  Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “Quilt your own SWEETHEART SWAG and more

  1. Your quilted swag is phenomenal. I adore the intricate stitching and the elegant design. I’m awestruck by the tight embrodiering on the monogram and the way it starts and finishes becoming wider in the middle. This is just exquisite.

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