Tuesday Two Cents on Homemaking…

… from Mrs. Dunwoody:


“In these notes, I have endeavored to impart knowledge necessary for keeping a neat, well-ordered home. But beyond that, I wish for you to understand the larger issues of homekeeping — creating an environment in which all family members grow and thrive, a place where each member may evolve to the full extent our Creator intended.”

[Mrs. Dunwoody, the wife of a judge in Georgia, was the “Martha Stewart” of her time during the Civil War. She started her journal (notes) on homemaking in 1866, and would spend the next 50 years to complete her notes.]

Reading through her snippets on homemaking always inspire me to strive to be more excellent. Thanks for stopping by — I hope you have a marvelous day!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Two Cents on Homemaking…

  1. I have Mrs Dunwoody’s book too, and love it! I haven’t read it since last year, and should read it again. It has some wonderful, practical, advice on homemaking. She sounded like she was a lovely woman.

  2. I love it! Great post and fabulous photo. Now tell me about that unusual looking spoon that beckons me. It looks like an oyster’s interior. How elegant!

  3. I am off to check to see if the library has that book! I am in the middle of “Mr. Darcy’s Diary” and am enjoying it. I have read Mrs. Sharps Traditions and wonder if Mrs. Dunwoody is something like her?
    But I wonder, when do you have time to read? :~}

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