Tuesday Two Cents

Good morning, Everyone! I am scurrying to get the quilt top pieced for the “Once Upon a Christmas” collection by Benartex:


These square-in-a-square-in-a-square look so simple, but not so simple in practice. If you can, by all means, do the “template” or “paper-piecing” method. I liked the template method for this block because it was very straightforward.


Should you be printing off your template from your computer onto regular paper, you might try using some double-sided tape on backside of the template to temporarily stick to the right side of the fabric when cutting. The tape holds the template and fabric well to prevent any shifting during cutting. Also when piecing the block, finger press the seams instead of using the iron will help reduce any distortion of blocks. These are just my Tuesday two-cents for this week!


Have a marvelous day!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Two Cents

  1. What a vibrant block! Your fabric choices are so gorgeous and Christmas-y.

    And thank you for your ‘2 cents worth’ *grin* in sewing a square in a square! Maybe this won’t be so difficult…..

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