So many choices…

There are just way too many smocking plates out there for a smocker to use. It took me a while to decide on exactly what to smock and what colors to use for my next bishop project. The smocking plate I decided to use is from an older issue of Australian Smocking & Embroidery (Issue 53/2000):


With a lavender/purple twist:


Stay tuned. I will have more pictures for you soon. Have a great weekend, everyone! I will most probably be sewing and doing some house cleaning. What would you be doing?

8 thoughts on “So many choices…

  1. So many posts to comment on; I need to catch up! =) As always, your projects are so exciting to see. I was especially interested in those announcements! What a blessed baby she is! (and such a beautiful name!!!) Congratulations on your precious arrival!


  2. Looks like it’ll be another stunner! I like the lavender colour with that fabric.

    Regarding pruning the rose, yes, prune it just to tidy it up( cut around 1/3 of the plant’s size), take off all the skinny branches jutting from here and there. Don’t prune hard like you’d normally do in winter, which is take the plant down to 1/3 of the whole plant. I guess since your plant was only planted last year, you can get away with not having a hard prune this year. Normally in winter when it’s all bare branches, I’d spray it with Lime Sulphur, but I think it’s a little too late for that now. Don’t worry, it’ll be ok. You can feed it with fertilizer and wait for some lovely blooms now.

  3. Hi, thought I would come by and say hi, I can see you are smocking, I used to smocked when my DD was young, have not done for a long time. Yours will be beautiful with purple thread. Please share when you are finished? Natima

  4. Ooohhh….I can’t wait to see what you come up with on that bishop – pretty fabric! Issue 53 of AS&E was the first issue I ever bought – I still love it most and have made several of the outfits featured.

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