Joining the QUILT FESTIVAL Fun

Amy of Park City Girl is hosting her first annual Quilt Festival, and thought I couldn’t miss out on the fun! “Select your favorite quilt, make sure you have a good picture of it and go post about it! It doesn’t matter what size, style, or era it is from – there’s no judging here :) In your post tell your quilt’s story.”


It’s hard for me to have to pick a favorite quilt because all the projects I have worked on end up being special to me in their own way. The most meaningful quilt I have made, however, is my interpretation of Mrs. Susan Nokes McCord “Harrison’s Rose Urn” (circa 1860) for a wholecloth. This is Mrs. McCord’s quilt:


This is my wholecloth interpretation:


Both works are in honor of our 9th President, President William Henry Harrison, also the grandfather of President Benjamin Harrison:


I added an “H” to the urn as a monogram, and a grouse silhouette to commemorate the President’s favorite past time, grouse-hunting. The President named his house “Grouseland” — that’s how serious about grouse hunting! :)



You can see the background stippling compared to the size of a penny:


The quilt top is a cotton/silk blend, quilted with silk thread over a wool batt. Finished size is about 13 inches square:


It won first place in the 2008 Grouseland Festival of Quilts Old Tippecanoe Block Challenge. It is now part of a permanent collection displayed in the Grouseland Mansion. If you are a subscriber to “The Quilter” magazine, you might have also seen it in their March 2009 issue:



Thank you for stopping by. If this is your first visit, I would like you to stay a bit longer and look at my other favorite quilts. Please leave a comment – that way I can visit you back! Have a lovely day!

24 thoughts on “Joining the QUILT FESTIVAL Fun

  1. I just love your quilt! What a wonderful interpretation! I remember seeing your post before…and I could never tire at looking at the amazing quilting!

  2. Oh yay! I’m so glad you’re participating in the show! I was just popping over to make sure you knew about it, cause this ain’t a proper show without a sample of your insane quilting skills! And this quilt tops them all. I can NOT believe how tiny the quilting is, and how downright breathtaking this piece is!

    Oh, and thanks for popping by, it was nice to hear from you :D

  3. I’m glad you mentioned the size; at first I thot it was a regular sized quilt. *S* THAT would have really, really been something.

    But this is a wonderful interpretation. It deserved the accolades.

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