260 or so sleeps to Christmas, and…

… I have a Christmas quilt to make for “Quilter’s World“. These fabrics just came in. They are from “Once Upon A Christmas” by Benartex:


I love love love the Poinsettia fabric:


I will show more pictures once I have some progress with the fabrics. Meanwhile, I wish you a lovely Wednesday. Thanks again for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “260 or so sleeps to Christmas, and…

  1. I am love love loving the Christmas trees myself. You are very lucky though I would feel a bit under pressure myself. Do they give you a pattern or is that what you have to figure out for yourself?

    I’m sure you will be doing something lovely with them!

  2. Very pretty fabric selections. I love them and cannot wait to see the finished product.

    I have a big shoot this week. Busy editing during the morning, shooting in the afternoons and evenings. Thanks for thinking about me. How is the baby?

    Happy Holy Week to you as well!

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