Machine Embroidered Dainties

I have been making a bunch of these. I will show you what I am doing with them in a future post:


This design is from the OESD 2008 Christmas Ornament Collection, but I certainly think the designs are not limited to Christmas. Thus the dainty pink color scheme:


The technical stuff: I had used Badge Master as the stabilizer because I wanted the ornaments to be stiffer. I also stabilize the fabric patch with a tear-away stabilizer before placing the fabric onto the placement line. That way, your fabric will not wrinkle after the Badge Master is washed away. To dry the ornaments, I first place them in between two terry cloth towels with a weight on top to flatten the ornaments. After several hours, I remove the ornaments from the towels and let them air-dry.


Have a wonderful Monday, Everyone!

5 thoughts on “Machine Embroidered Dainties

  1. Oh, you are a teaser! Previous comment from Cathi says she can’t imagine making those! I didn’t know a person could make something like that! You must have one very fancy machine! They certainly are lovely ~ can’t wait to find out how you will use them!

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