Back to feather quilting

I am still waiting for fabrics to come in for my upcoming magazine quilts. That means, I have some time to work on my “Spanning Three Centuries” wholecloth quilt. One of these days, I will get it done…


Truth be known, this is a practice quilt. I want to eventually re-do the entire quilt in some kind of silky fabric.

Alrightie, my friends, back to my sewing machine. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! See you next week!

8 thoughts on “Back to feather quilting

  1. Your work seems almost magical — are you really just using a sewing machine to ‘paint’ such exquisite stitches???? Or is there something more to this?

    Your incredible quilting is not because of the machine (because I too, have a sewing machine and there is -no way- I get those same results) but your stitches are a true gift!

    A gift that I must thank you for sharing. It just takes my breath away!

  2. That whole cloth will be gorgeous. I started drafting one out, but it got shelved many moons ago. I didn’t think anyone did smocking anymore. Your smocking is beautiful!

  3. Wendy – I have just found this quilt..its wonderful. Are your designs your own? and if so how do you print them to get them so accurate…or are they all hand drawn? If you print them after you have designed them – do you use a special program…if so could you let me know what it is, and hopefully its not a difficult one…like the Corel Draw that I have :) This quilt is exquisite…has it progressed further..

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