Proudly Austen-tatious

Okay, I have to admit that’s a cheesy play on “Jane Austen” and “Pride and Prejudice”… but I have been on a Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice kick lately. I re-read “Pride and Prejudice” by the original author, and Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange. And I found another Pride and Prejudice inspired novel “The Pemberley Chronicles” by Rebecca Ann Collins, and am anxious to get started with it:


Incidentally, Jane Austen was also an avid and accomplished needleworker and quilter. A few specimens of her “fiber” accomplishments are preserved in the Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton, UK. The “Jane Austen” quilt is among the most notable. It is definitely a masterpiece considering the difficulty in piecing such a quilt. The pattern is now reproduced accurately by Linda Franz. The Jane Austen quilt is on my list of quilts to make:


I was also very excited to find a series of Pride and Prejudice inspired samplers by The Stitching Parlor. I can’t wait to get started on them:


Are you an Austen-tatious person? Thanks again for stopping by – I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

11 thoughts on “Proudly Austen-tatious

  1. I will have to check out those other (not Jane Austen) books. They look fun!
    The quilt is scruptious! Can’t wait to see your version. I know it will be delightful as all of your work is.
    Where do you find the time to accomplish all these projects? And now you’re off to do samplers! You just amaze me, Wendy!

  2. Definitely Austen-tatious here! I love your play on words, hee hee. And what gorgeous projects! The next quilting or needlepoint project I do will be one of those (which incidentally, will be my first project…) =)

  3. Nice samples. Yes, I’ve had my share of going through the Jane Austen-tatious phases. I remember the days of doing English Literature at school and we went through Pride and Prejudice in detail. I’ve read it over again at different stages of my life, just for fun. There’s definitely a lot to learn from it.

  4. We love Jane at our house, too. Those samplers look great. I’m going to have to look into those Pemberley Chronicles. We were at Chatsworth House in England (the supposed inspiration for Pemberley) Fun times.
    Have a wonderful day Wendy.

  5. Oooh Wendy, I’m a very Austen-tatious person – hoping to have an Austen costume party for my 40th next year – I love your Austen cross stitches – I may need to add them to my list – perhaps you should come up with a pattern for the Austen quilt :-)

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