An “educational” mug

Ellen had commented about my cool coffee mug shown in yesterday’s post. The mug is a 20 oz mug, made by Dunoon in England. It is a pretty cool mug because it presents some interesting coffee facts:




Among the facts on the mug are:

1. Coffee Arabica was cultivated in Yemen from sixth century.

2. An officer of the Brazilian army smuggled cuttings of a coffee plant out of French Guyana hidden in a bouquet of flowers. These cuttings were taken back to Brazil and were the beginning of the world’s greatest coffee empire.

3. An Ethiopian legend claims that coffee was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi who noticed that his goats became frisky after eating berries from the wild coffee plant.

4. Today coffee is one of the world’s most important crops and is grown in more than 40 different countries.

5. Harvesting is one of the most important factors in how coffee tastes.

I pulled this needlework chart out from my stash that says, “Coffee by the candle’s light, warms a heart into the night.” I don’t drink my coffee by the candlelight, but my favorite time to drink coffee is at night after dinner time. What is your favorite time of day for coffee?


My favorite thing to do while drinking coffee is reading… for now I am browsing through some smocking magazines to get ideas on smocking plates for these bishops while enjoying my cup of coffee:


Have a great day, everyone!


5 thoughts on “An “educational” mug

  1. I love coffee in the morning and that is just about the only time I drink it unless my parents come for dinner and then we drink coffee with dessert. This morning I am drinking an Arabica blend that I purchased on sale for $1.99 a pound!

  2. It’s even cooler than I supected! I like to drink my coffee early in the morning before my breakfast and generally while I’m catching up with my google reader blogs :0) If I drink something hot later in the day it is generally tea…

  3. I think anytime is a great time to drink coffee but my all-time favorite time is during naptime – I have a cup of decaf everyday which is a good unwinding time mid-day before the kids are up and running around again.

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