Celtic Cutwork – Creative Machine Embroidery (March/April 2009)

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you had a great “love” weekend.


Remember this from months ago? I was doing a machine embroidery cutwork project, and now, it is officially published in the latest issue (March/April 2009) of Creative Machine Embroidery:


The cutwork was done on Irish Linen. It turned out to be a table runner project made for St. Patrick’s Day with a touch of spring! I wanted to make a project that would not longer be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, and would also last through the Spring Season:







TIP: Cutwork by machine embroidery is an intense stitching process, changing out needles often will ensure good stitch quality.

Updated 3/17/2014:

Hearts: OESD, Cutwork & Crewel by Iris Lee (#771), design #26 (small heart wreath in green), design #41 (large heart cutwork) and design #43 (small heart motif on the sides).

Leaves: Bernina, Linen Closet Design Collection (Studio Bernina Exclusive Vol. 2), design #BE10223

16 thoughts on “Celtic Cutwork – Creative Machine Embroidery (March/April 2009)

  1. So pretty, and I think you’re right — it fits for St. Patrick’s Day perfectly but will last through spring as well.

    I think I tried machine embroidery for a class once — but I don’t have a very steady hand. Maybe I just need more practice.

    • This is machine embroidery, you load the design into machine & hoop the project. A steady hand is not really needed but you must have an embroidery machine.

  2. I absolutely love that!! I don’t have a machine capable of embroidery — but I want to buy the magazine just to drool over the pictures of that runner!!

  3. Amazingly beautiful. I would love to peer over your shoulder and watch you ‘work’ — although with the beautiful stitches that spring from your needle & thread, it could never be classified as ‘work’ — just a thing of beauty!

  4. Wow, your work looks so professional in that mag!! And I like how you incorporated spring into the table runner so that you can use it not just for St. Patrick’s Day! btw, did you pick out the font style for “Celtic Cutwork”? ‘Cause that looks really nicely w/ the style of your cutwork! Oh, and your coffee mug matches w/ the Irish Linen so nicely :)

  5. You never cease to amaze and impress me with your skills.

    I was trying to email you the honey cake recipe, but I can’t figure out how to get your email address. Sorry, if you want to email me at fernewatt@gmail.com then I can email it to you. It was really good, but I didn’t get a picture of it because we ate it so fast.

  6. Your embroidery and cutwork is absolutely gorgeous! I hope to try cutwork once I learn more about machine embroidery with my Husqvarna machine. Thanks for sharing.

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