Quilting makes the Quilt

It’s always challenging for me to capture the actual quilting I do on quilts due to the limitations of my camera — the lighting has to be just right, the stars have to line up, the barometric pressure has to be exact…

I stumbled upon the moment this past weekend where everything was just right for me to take pictures of the quilting I had done on Roslynn:






I have done all the quilting on my quilts using my home machine so far — it is possible! I want to encourage all quilters out there who do not have a longarm to not ever give up the possibility of using your home machine to free-motion quilt!

Happy Monday, Everyone!

6 thoughts on “Quilting makes the Quilt

  1. Wendy~
    This is really gorgeous! Glad the stars lined up so that we could see it. I’m also glad that it is possible to do on a home machine because it will be a lonnnnng time before I can get a long arm…money and space is an issue right now.

    Hope more stars line up for you!

  2. I really like that sweet pink flower in the fabric next to the blue. It really looks good together. Hope your weather is less icey these days!!

  3. Your quilting is such a masterpiece. So many times I come back to your posts just to glean some sort of magical thread that will work it’s way through cyberspace and onto my needle & thread.

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