Eyes or no eyes

I had really looked forward to a judge’s comments regarding my quilting techniques on a quilt I had entered in a show a couple of years ago.

With great anticipation when I picked up the quilt, I didn’t wait to tear open the envelope to see what was written as soon as my grubby hands got a hold of the envelope containing the comment sheet. I wanted to improve and do better next time!!!! Instead, all she wrote was “cats need eyes”. I wanted to know what she thought of my piecing, my quilting, and where I could improve overall in quilting techniques…

Over the years, I have made a few quilts with appliqued animals. And I still haven’t added eyes to them:




I am leaning toward the “no eyes” approach for my latest endeavor appearing in the May Issue of “The Quilter“. I will embroider the legs though. I will reveal how the entire quilt looks sometime in March when it officially comes out in the magazine:


What do you think? Eyes or no eyes?!


9 thoughts on “Eyes or no eyes

  1. well, I think your animals are cute and the fact that they do not have eyes could be your trademark?! I love simple designs like the animals you create on your work. simple and primitive, I realize it isn’t a thing for everyone but well, if the others want eyes on them, they can put them on their own animals, couldn’t they?

    hugs from the Netherlands
    Winda aka DutchQuilter

  2. No eyes! The appliques are meant to be representational, correct? Anyone who looks at it knows it is a bird. Besides, eyes can be very tricky. Big dot, little dot – too much pressure!

  3. That’s so odd that that’s the only comment a judge would leave!

    I think they are fine without eyes. Aren’t appliqués on quilts usually eyeless? I agree with Suzan, if you add eyes that opens a whole new list of considerations — small, large, flat or raised, buttons, appliqués, stitched.

    In some ways eyes might add a bit of personality, but I think your animals are just fine as they are. They’re meant to be representations.

  4. I vote no eyes because it keeps it looking more simple and clean cut. Benji would agree. I knit him a monkey last month and was about to add buttons for eyes like the pattern but he requested no eyes. Even four year olds have opinions about such things!

  5. I go along with you, no eyes! Let that be your trademark. When I make little ornament dolls, I almost always exclude the nose and sometimes the mouth too, just because I like it that way. I think you should do what pleases you.

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