Needlework “addiction” and Soothing Sweetness

Remember these?


The end product is one of the quilts shipping out later this week to “The Quilter“. As you can see, I am under a bit of a deadline rush here, but what else is new? :)


My favorite part is putting the blue and the cream floral prints together. They just look so soothing and sweet placed side by side:


Switching gear to needlework… I couldn’t pass up needlework patterns that were marked down 75% – especially if they are from “Long Dog Samplers“. Here are my latest acquired patterns:


I don’t really worry about how I can carve out some extra time to stitch out these beautiful patterns with historical motifs ..because I keep a running list of 150 and more patterns I would like to stitch out before I die! Crazy, yes! A goal destined to fail, yes! But, I sure I hope I am not the only idiosyncratic one out there!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a terrific Tuesday! Till next time!

6 thoughts on “Needlework “addiction” and Soothing Sweetness

  1. 150 patterns — we share in our desire to stitch until we draw our last breath — I LOVE that! And your blues, creams and soft pinks are such a ‘soothing sweetness’!

    Ahhh. Your pics and projects always leave me with such a warm inspiration!

  2. 150 patterns doesn’t sound outrageous! I have a long list of things I want to complete sometime too. I think it would be awful to not have a list of things one wanted to do!

  3. I stand amazed at your hand and wrist ability to crank these projects out Wendy!! Love the colors in this quilt and am looking forward to seeing the finished product!! happy Tuesday to you…

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