The look of harmony

Lest you think I have been slacking off on my quilts – well, I have sort of. I had a hard time figuring out the measurements of the setting triangles. The formula I had initially used ended up calculating triangles bigger than what I needed. Finally, I found this nifty chart on Karen Comb’s website. Voila, things have worked out so far!! This is how the quilt looks so far with the sashing and some of the setting triangles in – that springy harmonious look makes me look forward SPRING, especially with this cold spell (brrr…) we have had these past few days:


Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone. I am going back to some finishing touches on my Christmas decorations.

2 thoughts on “The look of harmony

  1. I just love the soft, feminine colors and the flowers and butterflies! Makes me think of laying in a field of flowers on a warm spring day watching the billowy clouds overhead! I almost feel warm! :~}

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