Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 3

This was meant to be my Monday post, but time just dashed by me while I was taking care of a few other things. So, I am a little late…

But nothing much has been happening around the “neighborhood”. I got a few accents stitched for the Sampler Gameboard:


This neighborhood is full of botanical wonders, except it could be a bit scary when someone’s pet lion runs loose :)


I hope you had a great Monday. I have been busy decorating for Christmas over the weekend. I will show you snippets of my labor between now and Christmas. Meanwhile, have a superb week!

4 thoughts on “Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 3

  1. Whoa! That is really filling in nicely. I’ve been doing a little decorating at the condo. On Wednesday I’m headed to my mom and dad’s apartment to give it a deep clean with some of my SIL’s and nieces…
    Hope your week is filled with joy…

  2. It looks great. I felt inspired to start mine today. I love the colors with the linen, this is going to be fun. I have not wrapped a present or decorated my tree, but it is raining here in California and I thought it was time to start this! I look forward to stitching along with you.

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