OFB Smocked Daygown Part 9: It’s about time!

I did manage to attach the collars to my Old-fashioned Baby daygown yesterday – many, many, many thanks to my dear friend Annelle! I even sewed the bias band down – that’s how excited I was about these collars!!! [There is actually a picture of the same daygown made by Jeannie Baumeister (designer) featured in the latest Sew Beautiful magazine – it’s toward the end of the magazine!]




All I have left are the buttonholes, buttons, and the slip (pieces already cut). I hope I would be able to get those completed within the very near future.

The next Old-fashioned Baby pattern I intend to attempt is the Smocked Layette – I love all of Jeannie’s designs:

layette1(Previous posts on my daygown saga: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8)

Meanwhile, I am going back to doing some quilting – hadn’t done much of that this week, and I have some catching up to do. See you tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “OFB Smocked Daygown Part 9: It’s about time!

  1. Wendy, Your Smocked Baby Daygown is just lovely!!

    I look forward to seeing the step by step process as you make Baby’s Smocked Layette next. I could never make enough of them because they are just fun to make and I think you will find them pretty easy compared to the daygown you just completed. I am so pleased you are enjoying my patterns.

    Please keep me updated.

    Jeannie B.
    The Old Fashioned Baby

  2. Lovely job Wendy and I see Jeannie has stopped by and commented as well!

    Slips go quickly. But do get started on it. I pulled one out of a UFO box that was nearly done. I think I was french hand sewing it and put it down for a reason and never went back. DD has long outgrown it. I must have used something else for a slip.

    You will really like the other pattern. If you have not already done so, go to Jeannie’s website and look at the beauty pins and jewelry she has for infants.

  3. Your work is so beautiful. This is adorable, Wendy! I’m hoping the baby who gets to wear this has a big bib on so it doesn’t get soiled!

    Thanks for your suggestions about my machine quilting. I need to find a source for the thread you suggested.

  4. So glad to see the results of your recent smocking and sewing project. I love all the old fashioned baby patterns. It is a worthy effort to make beautiful clothing designs from the past available in patterns for today.


  5. The pretty lace on the collar is so girly and cute! And your daygown is coming along so nicely! Can’t wait til you’re completely done w/ it!

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