Christmas Tablescapes and Centerpieces from…

… Christmases Past, mixed in with some accents here and there. Tablescapes and making centerpieces are probably my favorite aspects of homemaking.


As you can see, blown glass ornaments are definitely not just for the tree. Since I only do floral sprays accented regular Christmas balls on our Christmas trees whenever we put up a tree, I get to have all sorts of fun with my small collection of treasured European blown glass ornaments.




(Click here if you are interested in making that napkin fold yourself)



The very first Christmas centerpiece I made one of the earlier years of my marriage, and yes, we are still using the original pillar candle. :)


One of my favorite Christmas centerpieces – an antique rotating painted nativity scene within the Christmas pyramid.


Natural accents – the Heavenly Bamboo berries are just simply, heavenly! They last a couple of months without any deterioration.



Thanks for stopping by. Now I am going to look at your different Christmas eye-candies. Have a joyous weekend!

31 thoughts on “Christmas Tablescapes and Centerpieces from…

  1. Love your Christmas dishes napkins and extra touches! I love this time of year and all the wonderful decorations there are. Blessings on your upcoming weekend…

  2. Love your table settings. So excited to see another Christmas pyramid – and such a lovely one too! I posted about mine last week on Show and Tell.

    I love to see other people’s Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing yours.

    I am blogging daily until Christmas Eve about my decor, traditions and food here in Northern Ireland.

  3. How fun is all this?!!!! Such a glorious array. And so sparkly and pretty.

    My show n tell this week is a holiday story…come by if you can find some time, won’t you? Happy weekend.

  4. Wow! Its great! I love it all! The napkins, the ornaments, the plate with the pat of butter, I have to find some! lol Everything is so lovely! Its says welcome to all! Love the turkey! I am ready for the hostess to sit! lol

  5. Beautiful decoration ! I have a Christmas “mill” too (quite old I bought it on a German Christmas market) Glass balls I had to ban from our tree, because of our 5 cats, lol !

  6. This is the SECOND rotating thingie i’ve seen in my blog travels today. How cool. Never see one before, then see two.

    Time someone splurged on a new candle for you… *giggle*

    thanks for sharing, specially the napkin fold too, very neat

  7. Just beautiful, Wendy! I feel like I’m sitting around the table with you and enjoying your lovely displays! And thank you so much for being such a faithful visitor to the Greenhouse. =) I always look forward to your friendly words.


  8. Hi! I love your post! I have a rotating, candle-driven nativity very similar to yours. Mine is natural, not the green and red coloring. I love mine. I haven’t been able to use it recently because of all our cats. I may just have to get it out anyway. Thanks for the reminder :).

    Please feel free to stop by my blog and visit anytime.

  9. Your tablescapes are truly exquisite — they look as if you are setting a table for royalty. So gorgeous.

    Enjoy your festive holidays & Merry Christmas to you!

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