Who put the BUTTER in butterflies?

Hello Everyone! Time flies by so fast – I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. So far the quilt blocks (not completed) with the butterfly fabrics are looking like this:



Have you ever wondered why butterflies are called “butter“-flies? I did a quick internet search, and found the following:

It is suspected that the word originates from original pre-8th century word buturfliog (butere being buttermilchdieb, which means and fleoge being fly), but the literal origin is lost. There are still others that believe that the name butterfly comes from butterflies flying into kitchen windows and helping themselves to milk and butter left on the counter! The German word for butterfly tells it all by its name, milk thief.

But perhaps the most plausible answer is that the common male brimstone butterflies of England are of a buttery-yellow color, thus the name butterfly. Click here if you are interested in the in-depth etymology of the word.


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