Blue Transferware and Traditional Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, my colors are definitely the traditional green and red, mixed in with just the right amount of gold.


But I am also very much a blue and white type of gal, and would not even contemplate shelving my blue and white dishes for Christmas.

So, here is my compromise — mix in the red and green in the midst of the blue and white, and I still get to maintain a traditional Christmas look. The following pictures were taken from past Christmases.

1. I filled empty serving dishes with green and red Christmas balls, and added other accents like a Christmas-related book and a holly garland. The book was a gift from a friend years ago, and the reindeer ornament was a handpainted ornament from one of my first American friends when I came to the States 14 years ago.


2. I filled unused teacups with some blown glass ornaments to create more of a focal point. Christmas sprays also come in handy in adding a little something. That Snoopy ornament always gets an honored place because it is from my husband’s childhood.


3. It’s the little things that count. Those red/gold stripe balls are probably my favorite-st. They are only about 1″ in diameter, and are perfect to go with my tiny salt dish.


4. I also like to use natural things to add to the festivity. Shown is a heavenly bamboo berry sprig.


5. I also placed Christmas figurines that have red next to the blue transferware pieces to force a bit of red in the color scheme. The figurines are by Swedish artist Carl Larsson.


So, with its “Christmas outfit”, my china cabinet that holds most of the blue and white dishes looks like this…


Thank you for visiting my show-and-tell. I hope you have a terrific weekend! I will see you again on Monday!


31 thoughts on “Blue Transferware and Traditional Christmas

  1. Your blue transferware is to die for! I love how you have used it with the reds, greens and golds.

    Your Christmas decorating is coming along nicely.

    The pillow is beautiful and I am looking forward to your giveaway.

  2. I love adding the red decorations around your blue! It looks fabulous. Love the cabinet you have to store your blue where all can see, too!!

  3. It’s always great to see your blue and white dishes in that wonderful cabinet. The decorative touches adds just the right amount of seasonal charm.

    I have a similar situation in my blue and white kitchen. I just incorporate my Christmas dishes and other accessories to give holiday charm.

  4. As always you have mixed things up with such a perfect touch! I love transfer ware and have quite a bit myself. I even have a few pieces of red, brown and green. I just might have to do something with now that you have inspired me.

  5. I love how you work in the holiday colors with your dishes. Love those dishes, by the way. I’m sentimental like you, and I need to display ornaments and things that have special meaning. It’s very lovely.

  6. I enjoy seeing your beautiful blue and white dishes as the focal point of your Christmas decorating. This screams elegance like nothing else. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I too, have a china cabinet filled with blue and white dishes. This year I did the same due to laziness,too much work to empty and fill with Christmas Spode china. It looked amazing though!

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