A fun day at the Sewing Center

I was more than ready to get out and meet some people after being cooped up for weeks in meeting those quilt deadlines.  And whom could I meet that are more pleasant than these ladies of the Rogers Sewing Center?



We spent a few hours at the Sewing Center exploring and enjoying some Bernina Stitch Regulator fun!  For me, the BSR is almost the best thing since mechanically sliced bread!  And it was gratifying to me to see other enjoying it as much as I do!


There were some ladies that I met for the first time, and there were those I have met before and hadn’t seen for a while.  So, it was great to catch up with what’s new in their lives.  There’s just something special about being friends with these sewing ladies —

bsr-event4[Rhonda is the maker of the heirloom christening gown I had shown on this blog a few weeks ago, and look at what is the newest baby at the Sewing Center – the Bernina 830!!!]

bsr-event6[More pictures from this little gathering will appear in Bernina’s “Through the Needle” in 2009.  Stay tuned!]


Meanwhile, here are some sayings to warm the hearts of my quilting, sewing, and crafty friends:

1. May your bobbin always be full!

2. One quilting project, like one cookie, is never enough!

3. Quilts made with love age with time, but never lose their warmth.

4.  Warning:  This vehicle stops at all fabric shops.

5.  When I give to you, what I make with my hands, I share with my heart.

(Go to www.goldenthimble.com for more sayings)

4 thoughts on “A fun day at the Sewing Center

  1. How fun. It’s great to have this kind of fellowship, and that sewing machine is to die for. Nice to see the photos of you.

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