Needlework: This shouldn’t take…

… seven years to complete, I hope! ;) I am still catching up with my cleaning around the house. But I have also been having some cross-stitching fun. I am appointing Vicki as my accountability partner for my cross-stitch projects. She has been great in prodding me along in my cross-stitching after my round of quilt deadlines (THANKS BUNCHES, Vicki). Vicki puts out the most fabulous Field Trips in Fibers on her blog — definitely a treat for crafters, needleworkers and quilters! It’s a great way to get inspired by the pretty things others make!


I also picked up a couple more cross-stitch patterns. Aside from the wedding sampler, the cross-stitch projects (big and small) I have done so far have been mainly for gifts. Silly me, I never took any pictures of those projects.


Thanks to Kathi for awarding me:


Kathi is definitely an encourager. I have been studying about encouragement in my quiet time, and Kathi definitely comes to mind as an encourager! Thanks, Kathi!

3 thoughts on “Needlework: This shouldn’t take…

  1. Ooooh Wendy – we definitely share the same taste in cross stitch – I love your red stitching on white and I too have been drooling over the Drawn Thread patterns. I compiled a new list of must have patterns from 123 stitch just the other day. To add to the huge pile I have that I will never ever stitch my way through – but slowly, slowly, I keep adding more needlework to my home and how blessed are we that we have the time and resources to do this :-)

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