Eggs that are “out of this world”…

or, what are known as the Faberge’s Eggs.  I have always been fascinated by Russian art, and am currently reading this interesting book entitling “Faberge’s Eggs – The extraordinray story of the masterpieces that outlived an empire” by Toby Faber.  Since I don’t have a Faberge’s Egg in my possession, I can only show you the book with a few “common” things I have that are Russian (*sigh* – life is hard, haha!):

I love the story of the very first of the Imperial Faberge’s Eggs, known as the Hen Egg (excerpted from book):

“… Czar Alexander III… gave his beloved czarina, the popular Marie Fedorovna, an apparently unexciting white enameled egg.  About two and a half inches high, it had the size and appearance of a large duck egg, but with a gold band around its middle.  Only when the empress opened the czar’s present did it reveal its true nature: like an elaborate matryoshka doll it contained a perfect yolk, made of gold; within that was a golden hen, sitting on a nest of golden straw; and inside the hen was a diamond miniature of the imperial crown, concealing a tiny ruby pendant…”

I have enjoyed the book so far.  Woven into the tale is also the history of the Romanov Dynasty in the 19th century – a refresher course for me since it’s been a while since I was in Russian History.  Have a splendid day, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Eggs that are “out of this world”…

  1. It really is an interesting part of Russian history. I really need to do some reading myself since this is where my heritage is from. :0)
    I also need to add some more Russian tea pieces to my collection of one tea cup and saucer !!

  2. Gorgeous collection! You’ve sparked an interest in me for Russian finery now! =) And what a darling daygown! Maybe I need another baby…ok maybe not quite yet!

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