Won’t you join me…

One of the routines that I personally enjoy tremendously leading up to the holidays is putting up my spring/summer dishes in early October, and switch them out with my fall/holiday dishes.  I like to do this on a day when I am by myself, and enjoy the beauty of the different plates, cups and saucers etc. as I am switching them out.

Now that that is accomplished, and the weather is gradually getting nippy… won’t you join me for a bit of apple crisp (yes, we still haven’t gotten tired of the countless rounds of apple crisp I have been making, hahaha!) accompanied by something hot to drink, served in a fall theme?

Have a wonderful autumn weekend, everyone.  I will be back on Monday!


7 thoughts on “Won’t you join me…

  1. I’ll be there with bells on–that sounds like an irresistable invitation! Apple Crisp–yummy! And I keep seeing glimpses of what I believe must be a gorgeous granite table top!

    Fellow granite lover,

  2. Hi Wendy! Am I just in time for dessert? Fabulous! I love warm apple crisp especially on these chilly autumn evenings! Please do allow me to fix a second pot of coffee! :-o)

    A wonderful autumn weekend to you too!

  3. Thank you for the invitation. I’ll catch the first plane out from Maui. Can you pick me up from the airport? I’ll bring a bag or two of Kona coffee.

    (What a great day to visit your blog for the first time. Yum, apple crisp.)

    Aloha from Hawaii.


    P.S. – You made me miss fall. We don’t have seasons here except for Spring and Summer. :)

  4. Wendy I’m hurrying over for a second serving of your delicious apple crisp before you know who finishes the rest! He he! :-o)

  5. I am glad there are still those who love to do glamorus things during the holidays. Your tablescape and dessert are lovely.

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