A “grouse-y” sort of Wholecloth!

The Grouseland Foundation issued a Block Challenge (the 2008 Old Tippecanoe Block Challenge) in honor of the 9th President of the United States, President William Henry Harrison. All entries will become the property of Grouseland for use in exhibits and to commemorate the Battle of Tippecanoe in 2011:

Grouseland (the President’s home) was named after the grouse President Harrison enjoyed hunting:

Inspired by the historic quilt “Harrison Rose Urn” by Mrs. Susan Nokes McCord (circa 1860),

I came up with my own version that is adapted for wholecloth, simply named “Harrison Urn”. It was quilted with silk thread over cotton/silk quilt top and wool batt:

The urn bears an “H” for President Harrison:

The silhouette of a grouse is quilted to remember his hobby and Grouseland:

This is an interesting shot from when the quilt was still wet from having the fabric markings removed:

Showing the scale of my background stippling against a penny that is between 1/16″ – 1/8″ apart:

I have always been keen on historically-related events. So, I thought by entering the block, I did my little part in learning and remembering the rich history of this nation.


38 thoughts on “A “grouse-y” sort of Wholecloth!

  1. That is most interesting, I enjoyed the historical background and story. Your quilt is exquisite as usual, love the look. Sorry I haven’t been very regular here, kids have been on school term break, very busy time.

  2. Stunning, I love the traditional quilts as well and to see how you adapted this as a whole cloth is breathtaking….. I just love your work…… Happy Quilting (and I can see yours is)

  3. Just beautiful Wendy. My boys love to come upon grouse when they are in the wild. Of course my boys are men now but they’ll always be boys to me …

  4. how exquisite…you are very talented…thank you for putting the penny on so I could see the detail perspective…i’m going to send a link to my mom to come see this, she’ll love it!
    thank you for sharing it with us!
    come visit, any time…

  5. Your work on this quilt is so fine and detailed. I quilt but but nothing as beautiful as your hand work. What type of quilting frame do you use? I was going show the quilts I am working on, but now maybe not, you are an expert. So lovely.

  6. wowie! I keep on telling you the same over and over again… you and your bsr… a marvelous combo!
    I am officialy due on the first of feb next year… however… my little girl ( now almost 4 ) spent two more weeks in my cosy warm belly, so I guess that this little babe will do the same.
    We know what it is going to be, but we are keeping it to ourself, we want it to be a surprise for the rest of the world!
    If you want me too I can send you a – dutch – birthcard when this babe hits the world! just let me know!!

    hugs for now and keep that mini-you safe!

  7. Ivory, the “painting” is actually a photograph. I am a photographer and that is my DD. I think that is her 6yo portrait. She is wearing a peach silk doupioni basic square yoke dress (Ellen McCarn Pattern) that is textured backsmocked. I facilitated a SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America) program on backsmocking and using backsmocking to achieve different textures in your fabric, for our guild and I had samples at different stages. This dress was one of my sample made in one of the stages. My mom had smocked the collar. It is also an Ellen McCarn plate. I love how it turned out and so did DD. She has one of her little birds perched on her hand. I had the photo printed on stretched canvas. This little bird is old now. But he loves her so and she loves him. We all love him.

  8. Absolutely breathtaking. I am envious of that tiny little stipple. The whole quilt is beautiful. I’m so glad you shared that on your blog. Take a bow!

  9. It is so elegant. I love all the detail, You must have spent allot of time on this one. It would be worth a million. If only people would pay what they are worth, I never was taught to quilt. But as a kid my neighbor would show me what she was working on. I assume I was to young for her to teach me. But I was just happy to see it. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Please share if you will, what machine you use….. and how long have you been doing this? I am blown away…had to come back for another look. Absolutely phenominal.

    I am using a Bernina 640E with the BSR foot to do all the quilting on that quilt block. I have only quilted less than 3 years in my whole life (no sewing experience prior to that), and have only dabbled in the free-motion quilting stuff since January 2007. Thanks for the kind comment.

  11. I had just came home from the Grouseland Quilt Show because I had won a place in the challenge. And wouldn’t you know, it was your block who beat me!! Congratulations on your first place winning in piecework!! I had placed second in piecework, also!! I was, also, blown away at you work. Beautiful!!! I had consequently found your blog a few days ago and saw your block there. I had to go today to see who beat me, and when I saw that it was yours, I wasn’t really that surprised. Your work is wonderful!


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