More Autumn Accoutrement

Last week, I had shown you some autumn tablescape that I was able to capture from years past (click on link to see more shots):

Earlier this week on my cleaning day, I captured a few more shots. This time with more of a “blogger’s” perspective (click on link to see more shots):

And my camera battery went dead right about that time. So, here are the rest of what I put up from my cleaning day:

I have to tell you a little about these candles. I had gotten these candles probably seven years ago for about $0.15 each. And I have used them every year for the fall season since – they still smell wonderful whenever I bring them out. They were very inexpensive, but they have become part of my fall tradition:

This is another floral arrangement I did a few years ago, and have always dragged out for display in the fall. This year, I have displayed it with an oil painting of Tuscany as a backdrop. I also mixed in an old pair of gilded birds, shiny and tarnished silver pieces and some other greenery:

I happened to have a tube of lotion with orange packaging — how is that for details?! :)

Thank you for coming to my show and tell today. Do leave me a comment to let me know you have dropped be so that I can visit you! I hope you have a beautiful weekend, my bloggy friends.


My candles remind me of one of my favorite William Bradford quotes:

“Thus of out small beginnings, greater things have grown by His hand Who made all things out of nothing, and gives being to all things that are; and as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light enkindled here has shone to many, yea, in a sense our whole nation; let the glorious name of Jehovah have all the praise.”

And to that I say “Amen, and Amen”!


19 thoughts on “More Autumn Accoutrement

  1. I so loved the pictured of your tea set, my mother had one almost identical to that one when I was a young child and I remember very special occasions when I was allowed to have a pretend tea party with it.

  2. I really like it all, but I think the best decoration is the milkglass…it’s very nice and the thing is, it’s such a striking contrast it makes everything else stand out too. Gorgeous.

    My Show n Tell this week is entitled ‘BEE CAREFUL’….stop by if you can find time. And, have a glorious weekend.

  3. Be praised indeed. I love that quote Wendy. Such fun fall colors happening here, too. Have a lovely weekend. I’m off to my hairdresser :0)

  4. So lovely and like pages out of a fine decorating magazine!
    That is totally awesome about your candles. I like the shapes they all are acquiring.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

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